Effects are used to add excitement, dimension, and personality to a track or complete song.

There are several effect processors available, including:

Effects Overview

Effect processors can take the form of plug-ins, rack-mounted gear, Stomp boxers for guitars, and are built into samplers and synthesizers.

An effects processor takes the input of a sound and alters it using various operations to make the sound more sonically interesting. The results of these alterations can be used by themselves or combined with the original source to produce the final output.

Most effects processors have a mix control that alters the amount of effect being used. A mix of 50% would mean the signal would be half processed and half unaffected.

Processed signals are said to be wet whereas unprocessed signals are said to be dry.

Inset Effect

An insert effect is an effect that is inserted between the signal source and its destination. 

Send Effect

A send effect makes it possible to apply an effect to several mixer channels at once.  A mixer control, know as effect send determines how much of each channel is sent to the effect processor.

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