Recording A Violin

The violin is a bowed stringed musical instrument that has a total of four strings. Music written for the violin almost always uses the G clef (treble clef). The frequency range of the violin runs from 200 Hz to 10 kHz, hence it is best to use a microphone with a relatively flat frequency response.

Microphone Type

  • Condenser microphone
    • Polar response: Cardioid or omni
    • Example: AKG 414


Position the microphone high on a stand, approximately 30 - 60cm from the violin. The diaphragm of the microphone should be pointing down at the violin, aiming towards the strike area (the area where the bow rides the string) to help give a balance of the bow and sound board.

Top Tips

  • Violins sound better in a reflective environment
  • Pulling the microphone further away from the violin will yield a mellow, well-rounded tone. In contrast, bringing the microphone closer will produce a more scratchy sound
  • Generally, miking up closer than 20cm should be avoided, as stringed instruments need plenty of air to let the sound fully develop