Other common effects

There are several other effects that are found on DAWS or within a studio environment.

Listed below are some of the most common.


Vibrato is a form of pitch modulation performed by an LFO (low frequency oscillator). It is mainly used on sustained sounds to create a wobbling type effect.

Sustained note with vibrato

Pitch Shifters

Pitch shifters change the pitch of an original audio signal, usually by up to an octave in either direction. Short pitch shifts can be used to fatten up a sound. This is done by add the untreated sound to two pitch-shifted versions that are a few cent apart. Large pitch shifts on the other hand, can be used to create parallel harmonies.

Another use for pitch shifting is to correct out of tune notes.

Synth with two oscillators pitch shifted a few cent apart


Distortion is an effects processor used to make a sound seem like it is being over-driven. Distortion can be used for varies situations and sound enhancements.

Clap with 'overdrive' distortion


Exciters are a type of effect processor that enhances key parts of the audio spectrum by adding sheen, sparkle and power to a sound. They can be added to individual instruments or to an entire mix.

The technology used varies from each unit with some being simply preset equalizers, others generate harmonics based on a target signal.


Tremolo is used to modulate the amplitude of the sound, and is often used to give a rhythmic quality to a part. Tremolo is controlled via a LFO (low frequency oscillator).

A sine wave with tremolo